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Sollenberger or Sollenbarger (CLICK FOR SOLLENBERGER TREE BOOK), Allen, Hagler, Holland, Jones, Jones, Straw and Watson are my ancestors' surnames explored here. Sollenbarger or Sollenberger, Allen, Hagler and Holland are on my father's side. Jones, Jones, Straw and Watson are on my mother's side.

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There is a Sollenbarger, Hagler, Jones and Straw tree in the album section of this web site and there are three story sections that explore the recent (1795 to present) genealogy of the families. Sollenbarger, Hagler, Allen, Holland, and Straw are easier names to trace than Jones (yes, a Jones married a Jones).

It surprised me that Sollenberger and Hagler are of Swiss origin rather than German. See the Sollenbarger nationality tree and the Hagler nationality tree in the album section. In the Sollenbarger and Jones Story section of this website, there is more detail about these families' origins. Click Here for Sollenbarger (Sollenberger)

Hagler, like Sollenbarger, is a surname that has evolved through the years. Hagler once was "Haegler"; Sollenbarger was once "Sollberg".The "a" in barger occured in the 1800s.

There are many, many Sollenbergers and a lot fewer Sollenbargers. So, to trace the name, it is usegful to search with the "Sollenberger" surname, too. The Sollenbarger line can be traced back to 1544 Breitenegg, Bern, Switzerland. You must use Sollenberger to trace the name before 1850. The "a" Sollenbarger occurred in the mid 1850s. 

Hagler can be traced 1700 Diegten, Basel, Switzerland.

Allen can be traced to 1470 Thaxted, England. Spelling evovled to Allen from Allyn and Aleyn.

Straw and Jones are more common surnames with Jones being the most common. Great Grandfather Jones actually married a Jones (Mary). My sister Sue (Sollenbarger) Thoms is trying to trace the Jones line in England and has discovered this Jones line married Smiths which really complicates things further. Even our Uncle Donald Straw Jones, son of Benjamin Edwin Jones and Florence Agnes (Watson) Straw married Marty Smith in it goes with this genealogy thing.





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Check out the "Unknown/Incomplete" album that I have just added. It shows pictures from Jones/Watson/Straw albums I have that have no identification for the photograph. In the description for each photo I include any information I have including the placement of the photo by other identified pictures in the album and where it was taken if the photographer's name is on it or on the back.

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