STRAW Album/Tombstones: WATSON Tombstones

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The Straw Album/Tombstones and Watson Tombstones


The Album
The displayed pages of the Straw album came from Florence Agnes (Straw) Jones' Bismarck, North Dakota home. It is speculated that it was her morther's (Florence Jane {Watson} Straw) and Florence Agnes wrote in the identifying names after her mother died, so all the people in the album could not be identified.


In the 1850's Florence  Jane (WATSON) Straw and her brother Frederick Eugene were separated  - She went to live with the George King  family in Bangor, Maine and her brother went to live with his Aunt Susan (Watson) Weston, in Hillsdale, Michigan. Their father and mother  (Samuel Newell and Eliza nee Pierce) died in their early 30s (1852 and 1857) and were buried in the South Levant Cemetery, Levant Maine in the Watson family plot. Samuel's parents - Stephen and Hannah -  are buried in the same plot along with some of Samuel's siblings.

 Daniel Straw, Jane Watson's husband was borne in Guilford, Maine. His father and mother - David Robinson and Caroline Augusta (nee Ayers) and most of Daniel's siblings are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Guilford, Maine.

Caroline Augusta )Ayers) Straw came from Sangerville. Maine where her father Dr. Moses Robinson amd her mother Lydia Coffin Hale are buried in The Villahe Cemetery, Sangerville, Maine.

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Charles Frederick King

Freddy Flossie and Harry Straw

Greatt Uncle Fred and Great Aunt Ida King

Florence Jane Straw, Uncle George Clark and Agnes Mason (Straw) Bennet

Agnes Straw Bennett, Unknown, Cousin Walter Bennett, Unknown

David Straw Jr, His Wife, Uncle Fred Watson, Auntie Frank Watson

Uncle Henry Straw, His Wife, Unknown, Unknown

Henry Meyers Straw and Fritz

Aunt Ida King

Dr. Dan Straw

Lulu Clarcke McCoy

Unknown, Aunt Ida and Georgie King

Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Aunt Ida

All unknowns

Uncle Fred Watson

Unknow, Unknown, Col King, Unknown

Gertie Clark, Lulu May Clark, Aunt Ida King, Lulu as a Baby

Frankie Watson Unknown, Fred Watson

George King, Unknown, Con, Unknown


Winnie Watson and her cousin J(???)


Aunt Annie Myers

STEPEN WATSON 1785-1855 Father of Samuel Newell Watson

Uncle Matt Myers

HANNAH (MERRILL) WATSON 1785-1841 Mother of Stephen Newell Watson

Uncle George King

David Robinson and Caroline Augusta Straw's monument in Elmwood Cemetery, Guilford Maine.


Samuel Newell Watson's gravestone, South Levant Cementery, Levant, Maine

Eliza Pierce;s gravestone South Levant Ce,etery, Levant, Maine

Frankie Watson, Uncle Fred Watson, Winnie, Unknown, Slaton La Due

Trafton Cemetery, Newfield, Maine where the Lt. Gideon Straw, his wife Mary "Polly" Robertson are buried. They are the parents of David Robinson Straw.


Gravestones of Hannah Merrill and Stephen Watson, parents of Samuel Newell Watson South Levant Cemetery, Levant, Maine

Helen Straw Clark, Mrs. Alice Wells, Howard Myers, Donald Myers

Nahum O'Neil Wright Straw and Martha Kimbell Straw, siblings of Daniel Straw

Winifred Watson

Hal Straw at 17