Sollenbargers: John Richard and Florence Geneva

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Photo Gallery

There aren't many pictures of John William Sollenbarger.

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Florence Geneva Sollenbarger

Note that Florence's brother witnessed the wedding. He played Cupid and got the two together. Leonard was a member of the same Allterton, Iowa Methodist church as David.

Leonard and Florence in front of their Allerton, Iowa house.

Leonard and Florence at aMead family reunion

Leanard's death notice

Morris Tinman Allen (John's maternal uncle) and John Sollenbarger

Two of three of Jon and Emma Sollenbarger's daughters. Probably Maggie E and Mary L

Obituary of Emma Sollenbarger

Albert Goff and wife Rachel Leota Sollenbarger. Probably a wedding picture

Leota and her daughter Donna visiting Aunt Florence around 1929

Albert and Leota (Sollenbarger) Goff in California

Wedding announcment Mary Lillian Sollenbarger