Class of 1972

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Jim Pacek's Pricture

Here are some great pictures of the Class of 1972! CLICK ON THEM TO ENLARGE


Plenty of room for more pictures!

1969 Creatung Paddy Myphy's graveyard

L-t: Scott Gleason, Greg McClintock, Alan Hambourger, Tom McClayton, Jim Pacel ,Dave Mickelson, ??, Ron Sainati

Top L-R: Len Sainati, Bret Baumler, Chick Steinek, John Sylvestrak, Steve Bowen, Mark Anderson, Bob Riley

Mid: Tom Reiss, Bill Blunck, Ken Rosinki, Don Wills, Doug Cheyney, Jim Pacek

Bot: Dave Campbell, John Davis, Tom McClinton, Mike McWilliams, Greg McClintock

'72 Pledges painting second floor hallway.

L-R: Mke McWilliams, John Davis, Tom Reiss, Leo Sainati, ??

Jim Pacek with new Little Sisters 1970

Sample Photo 5

L-R-: Jim Pacek, Leo Sainati,Mrs. Anniss, George Schenck, Tom Reiss 


Paddy's Casket