Allen, Rush, Russell, Gibson

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Allen Photo Gallery

Some of the photographs below come from Kay Stomsten's albums that her sister Ruth put together from the pictures that survived from her father's photography business fire in 1920.


Some of photos come from pictures that Calvin Williams and his sister Marie Swangel. These two would be my 3rd cousins. They a descendents of Alice Allen who was the daughter of John R Alllen, who was the brother of my great grandmother Mary Margaret Allen.


Other photos come from the family tree postings on

As new pictures come available they will be posted so they are not displayed in chronological order.

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John R Allen obituary

John R Allen Mary Siblings: Margaret (Allen) Sollenbarger and Martha (Allen) Russell

Allens: Top -Morris and George. Bottom: John and Mary Margaret

John R. Allen's Corydon home 1890s

Alice Allen 1930s or 1940s

John R Allen and his dauighters

Lydia (Allen) Bobbenhouse holding her daughter Mabel. Daughter Sadie standing. John R Allen seated.

John R Allen's son Elijah J

Morris Allen and children

Alice (Allen) Gibson daughter of John R Allen

Alice Allen and possibly her mother Sara

James Rush and John Rush. Son of Eleanor (Allen) Rush. Eleanor was the sister of John R Allen and Mary Margaret (Allen) Sollenbarger

Edward Rush. Son of John and Eleanor (Allen) Rush

Arminta Allen, daughter of John R Allen) in her living room1940s

Margaret Allen daughter of John R Allen

John W Rush son of Eleanor (Allen) and John Rush

Margaret Allen's headstone

Edward Rush (1927-2007) and his father John Rush (1858-1957)

Eleanor (Allen) Rush and husband John.

Arminta Allen 1890s

Arminta Allen in front of the Corydon home of John R Allen

Sons of John Rush and Eleanor (Allen) Rush. Son John is lower right with three unidentified bothers.

Alen Coat of Arms

Eleeanor Allen and John Henry Rush Tombstone

Tombstones of John R Allen and Sara Allen

James Rush. Son of Eleanor Allen and John Henry Rush

Obituary of Sara Allen. Wayne County Democrat Nov 8 1894

Mary Jane Allen 1860-1948. Daughter of Morris Allen

NOTE: The date of the death of Morris Tinman Allen was transcribed incorrectly into the McQueen Bible. He died in 1935.