Sollenbarger: David Sr., Mary Margaret nee Allen, David Thomas, Sadie nee Hagler , John, Earl Hagler

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David Thomas Sollenbarger was born in Benton, Wayne County, Iowa in 1865. He was the son of David and Mary Margaret (Allen) Sollenbarger.

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1890s: David Sollenbarger Senior and his wife Mary Margaret Allen

1900: David Sollenbarger Senior

1900: Mary Margaret Allen wife of David Sollenbarger Senior

Mary Margaret Sollenbarger's Allen siblings: John R and Mary seated. Morris Tinman and George standing

1870: David Thomas Sollenbarger

Sadie Hagler 1872

Children of David and Mary Nargaret Sollenbarger: Top: David Thomas, Florence Geneva, Gearge Hartley, Mary Margaret "Maggie" Bottom: John William and Rachel Katherine

Sollenbarger Family Collage

David Thomas Sollenbarger's 1897 Corydon High School graduation announcement

1892 University of Iowa senior class picture of David Thomas Sollenbarger

Siblings circa 1890: George Hartley Sollenbarger, Maggie (Sollenbarger) Stromsten, and David Thomas Sollenbarger

Educator "Professor" David Thomas Sollenbarger

Sadie Hagler before she married David Thomas Sollenbarger

David Thomas Sollenbarger and unidetified friend in formal attire for college event

David Sollenbarger and Sadie Hagler wedding announcement

David and Sadie Sollenbarger wedding picture

Sadie Sollenbarger

Sadie and David Sollenbarger

Sadie Sollenbarger and her sister in law Mary Margaret "Maggie" (Sollenbarger)Stromsten

Sadie and Davvid Sollenbarger's first son John who died shortly after he was born

First picture of David Thomas Sollenbarger as a banker

Sadie, Earl and David Thomas Sollenbarger

David Thomas Sollenbarger, Earl Hagler Sollenbarger and Sadie (Hagler) Sollenbarger

Circa 1915: Family Group: Miltons - Sollenbargers, Stromstens

Inside Lineville Bank - Clerck, David Thomas Sollenbarger and customer

Lineville bank

1920's - David Thomas Sollenbarger

Sadie and David Thomas Sollenbagrer in Emmetsburg, Iowa. ALS disease starting to debilitate David

Sadie and DAvid Sollenbarger in front of bank where he was a receiver during the Depression

Sadie Sollenbarger 1920s

1939: Porch of Corydon Iowa Home - Susan Sollenbarger, her mother Gwendolyn, Sadie and David Sollenbarger

1939: David Thomas Sollenbarger with his granddaughter Susan Sollenbarger daughter of Earl Hagler Sollenbarger

David Thomas Sollenbarger Obituary - 1943

1897 -Sadie and David Sollenbarger newpaper wedding announcement

Sadie Hagler Sollenbarger Obituary - 1965

David and Mary Margatert Sollenbarger Corydon, Iowa tombstone

1907 - Obituary of Mary Margaret (Allen) Sollenbarger

Naperville, Illinois tombstone of David Sollenberger, father of David Sollenbarger, granfather of David Thomas Sollenbarger and great grandfather of Earl Hagler Sollenbarger. Note the spelling differences in the names.

David abd Sadie Sollenbarger's Corydon, Iowa cemetery tombstone tommbstone