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Sigma Alpha Epsilon Illinois Beta Chapter Background


Here are more pictures that have come in.

NOTE: The Little Sisters of Minerva are beginning to be represented

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Exchange 1963-1964 Freckmann '65, Weickert '65 and Waltz '65

TOP:Freckmann '65, ??, D. Brow'67 MIDDLE: J.Fleming '65, B. Carr '67, R. Wieckert '65 BOTTOM R. Saunders ?? '64

Foot Ball Practice 1963 WHO is IN THIS PICTURE????

Blood Drive ???, Rick Kummer '68, Bob Cain '66 and Dave Brown '67

ONE EYED JACKS: B. Amran, George Harvey '67, Vito Recane;i, Budd Carr '67, Lee Nolan '68, Bob Gedson

Dave Brown '67 and Bill Lewke '67 with dates

John Gaines '67, Budd Carr '67 and ??


DAve Brown '67, and House Mother Mrs. Hines...Need names for others

Living Room Fire PLace circa mid1960's

1965 excchange

G. Smith '65, J. Fleming '67, Dave Brown '67 and Budd Carr '67

KNEELING L to R: Bill Rives, Steve Wohlwend, Larry Case, John Fleming, unknown, Frank Schenk. SITTING: Second in from the right George Harvey, need names for other in row. STANDING L-R: Ross Putman, Unknown, Bill Lambrecht, Don Kuhl, Jim Longabaugh, Terri Potter, Unknown John Gaines, George Emerson, Bud Carr, Larry Watson